Christian Living Resources


The Christian Living Resources room, located in the back room of the church hall, has a variety of books to choose from. 
 Topics include Family, Relationships, Counselling, Marriage, Theology, Christian Living and more.  

The Resource Room was established in order to assist Christians in their growth and understanding of daily living and their Christian faith. Some of the topics available include general Bible Study, Doctrine, Apologetics, Marriage, Family, Relationships, Counselling, Theology, Christian Living, Missions and personal ministry (suicide, anger, depression, divorce, etc). New titles are being added regularly.

Grab a cup of tea or coffee after the worship service and come in for a browse. The resource room will be open every Sunday.

In addition to the resources available for sale, there is also a library loan system.

Want a specific title, birthday gift or box of cards that we don’t currently have in stock?   Visit ,  find what you're looking for and we can order it for you.

For more information, email Rick and Charissa Quinn or phone 0400990500.